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Your confidential relationship with your therapist is a space to discuss your concerns in a collaborative way, to better understand yourself, and to explore changes in the way you think, feel and behave. Think of it as personal time. Change may be started in our therapy sessions, but often continues outside of the therapy room. My goal is to help you develop strength and resilience to allow you to live a fulfilling life.

Therapy is an interpersonal relationship that develops through a close bond between two people built on trust and understanding. It is important to find a therapist that has a balance of attentiveness and caring, and who is attuned to you, but who also has knowledge and skills in the appropriate evidence-based interventions that will allow you to move forward more quickly. Ultimately, therapy needs to allow you to transform yourself; whether by an alternative way of thinking, creating a new meaning, promoting a new emotional experience, or by developing and practicing a new behavior. An effective therapist can save you time by having an informed understanding of your problem, by focusing on what is truly important, and by using treatment strategies that are proven to help address your needs.


After you schedule your first appointment you will get access to the client portal to allow you to review office policies and consent forms before you come in. This will allow us to devote our first session to evaluating your concerns. I will give you my understanding and impressions about what I have heard, as well as a suggestion of a path forward, while integrating any feedback that you may have.

I will based my treatment plan on evidence-based interventions that work well for particular issues (for example; anxiety, OCD or panic), and will also consider relational and contextual factors that are contributing for or maintaining symptoms. As an experienced and integrative therapist, I am able to tailor an intervention that is based on science and that allows you to target symptoms, as well as deeper emotional issues.

There isn’t a one size fits all type of therapy; instead, there is a different therapy process for each person. I focus on your particular situation, culture and background and adjust the therapeutic process to your needs, personality, and clinical issues.  

Sunrise over the Wheat Field
Ducks Over the Lake

We need to arrive at a place before we can leave it.
We have to feel a feeling in order to change it.

Leslie Greenberg, PhD.