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How do I chose a therapist?

It is important to find a therapist that has a balance of attentiveness and caring, and who is attuned to you, but who also has knowledge and skills in the appropriate evidence-based interventions that will allow you to move forward more quickly. Ultimately, therapy needs to allow you to transform yourself; whether by an alternative way of thinking, creating a new meaning, promoting a new emotional experience, or by developing and practicing a new behavior. An effective therapist can save you time by having an informed understanding of your problem, by focusing on what is truly important, and by using treatment strategies that are proven to help address your needs. I am happy to provide a free 15 min phone consultation to see if we are a good fit working together.

Do you provide online therapy?

Yes, I am fully equipped to provide online therapy (teletherapy).

Are we required to met in person to start therapy?

No.  I am currently not meeting in person with my clients and have a paperless intake procedure. I am more than happy to have a phone consultation before starting, and will give you access to my portal to allow you to review and sign all the required consent forms electronically prior to starting teletherapy. Payment is also processed remotely by credit card.

What happens during the first video session?

Video sessions are scheduled and last 50 min, just as regular in person sessions. You will need to have a computer, phone or tablet with a fast and secure wifi connection, as well as find an environment that allows you to have some privacy during the session. Our first session will be focused on evaluation and hearing your concerns. The focus will depend on your concerns, and on what you are comfortable sharing. I will respect your process and your pace in whatever you are disclosing. I will also reflect on what I've heard and give you my feedback about my impressions and how to proceed. We would then agree on goals that we want to work on together. 

What if I need to start taking medication; are you able to prescribe it?

Psychologists are not able to prescribe medication, but I am happy to refer you to a psychiatrist who can do your medication management.

Do you offer family sessions?

Yes. If desired, sessions with family or with significant others are offered as part of treatment, with the client's consent.

What is your therapy approach?

I will base my intervention on evidence-based approaches for particular issues (for example; anxiety, OCD or panic), and will also consider relational and contextual factors that are contributing for, or maintaining your difficulties. As an experienced and integrative therapist, I am able to tailor an individualized intervention that is based on science and that allows you to target symptoms, as well as deeper emotional issues.

Does therapy help?

As my clients would tell you, it really does! It is a privilege to be part of people's lives in such an intimate way, and to assist them in dealing with their own concerns. The changes that people make can have quite an impact in their well-being, relationships, and ability to live a full live.

Are you able to provide therapy in any other languages besides English?

Yes, I am multilingual, and am able to provide therapy in Portuguese and Spanish.

Do you take insurance?

I am not in network with any insurance plans.  However, most PPO plans will cover a percentage of my services out-of-network. I am happy to provide you with a receipt (called a 'super bill') for you to submit to your insurance for potential out-of-network coverage. Please check with your insurance company to see what their out of network coverage is under your plan, as it varies widely among insurance plans. 

How often would I need to have sessions?

Session frequency varies, and it would be something that we would discuss on our first session. It will depend on what your needs are, your availability, and the type of treatment that we engage in. I provide mostly weekly therapy, and many people find that it usually works well in terms of treatment progress. I am also able to provide therapy twice a week for people that feel that they are dealing with high levels of distress, crisis, or severe conditions (for example; losses, severe OCD, anxiety), or because they want to work intensively on their issues. This is something that we will certainly discuss in our first session in order to make an agreement that you feel comfortable with.

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