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Since therapy is based on an interpersonal relationship, cultural competence is an important aspect of it. We will focus on what is at stake in your social cultural world, and how your values, knowledge and experiences shape who you are and the problems you are dealing with.

As a multicultural and multilingual therapist, and having worked with international students, as well as cultural and racial minorities, I am prepared to consider the role culture may have in your experience.

When functioning in a different cultural context there is much potential for excitement and new experiences, but sometimes there can also be difficulties related to dealing with different values, families of origin, ways of communicating and of expressing emotion. Meeting with a therapist can help navigate these differences and use them to make positive changes to your relationships.

If English is not your first language you may feel you can express yourself better in your native tongue, and that you may prefer to work with a therapist that has experience in and understands the issues related to navigating multiple cultural contexts, as well as being potentially familiar with some of the cultural issues pertaining to your particular cultural background.  I can provide therapy in Portuguese, Spanish or English, have a good understanding of French, and hold valuable training in cultural competence in therapy.

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